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The following answers the questions you may have when using our Site. If it doesn't contain what you need, please contact to tell us.

* What service does provide? Is it free? is a special directory of chemical and medicine manufacturers in China. Containing 11 main categories and some dozen sub-categories, the whole directory covers the major chemical and medicine products of industry. Once you have viewed an interested product, you can contact its manufacturer or supplier right away. It's FAST and FREE.

* How to search manufacturers and suppliers on , and search tips?

Two ways:

Through the Directory:
Choose the right main category the product belongs to and then, if any, the sub-category. We have spent time sorting the products and putting them into a well devised category structure so it will work for you.

Keyword / Keyword Phrase Search in the Search Bar:
Enter in the text field a word or phrase that can well stand for your desired product and then click "Search".

Trying the following tips may better your search:

Use Generic Name, Brand Name, and Trade Name prior to Chemical Name
- Because the last is rarely used. E.g., standing for a same product, "paracetamol" is better than "4-hydroxyacetanilide".

Add Qualifier(s)
- When a general word/phrase generates too many listings that are not very relative. E.g., "synthetic fiber" is better than "fiber".

Remove Qualifier(s)
- When no match or few listings have been found. It's contrary to the case above. E.g., "synthetic fiber" is better than "aromatic synthetic fiber".

Use Singular and Plural Words
- When you want to select a product from a wide range of choices. E.g., "Chinese herb" plus "Chinese herbs" bring you more choices than either of them. Also note that words are not case-sensitive in search, so "Chinese herb" and "chinese herb" are actually the same.

* Can my company be included in ?
Sorry at this point. We don't provide submission now.

* Have you got any advertizing program?
No now. Maybe later.

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