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A blog looks at the front lines of the chemical additives, with market news and analysis.
A professional blog concerns about plastic and plasitc additives, offering updated chemical plasitc market news.
Canadian importer and distributor of veterinary instruments and medicines, agricultural instruments, medical instruments, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals with best quality,Such as sprayer, veterinary injector, plastic ear tag, natural plant extract, vitamins, medical sering, competitve prices and flexibility of services.
Manufacturer and exporter of pharmaceuticals raw materials & intermediates, finished human and veterinary medicines, medical equipments, chemicals raw meterials & chemicals products etc.
FIBC (big bag) manufacturer provide FIBC, standard FIBC, big bag, bulk bag, jumbo bag, PP woven bag, PE tarpaulin, net bags, and many other FIBC products offered by Jebicbag - FIBC manufacturer from China.
Established in 1990, Nanjing Kaman Rainproof Products Co., Ltd. has emerged as a one of the leading chemicals manufacturers of military/outdoor clothing, equipment and safety products in China.
Our extensive range of chemicals products includes ponchos, rainwears, military uniforms, flight jac...
Jiangsu Suyun Medical Materials Co., Ltd. is located in the city of Lianyungang which is called the East Terminal of the New Eurasian Landbridge and also one of the earliest 14-coastal-open cities.
The company has three filiales in Jiangsu Province, Tianrui Medical Appliance (Import) Co., Ltd....
Listed on the main board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange, We are one of the biggest chemicals manufacuters and exporters that offers the textile auxiliaries with high quality. Our main products are softener flakes(cationic, anionic and nonionic), silicone emulsion, cellulose enzymes etc. We have set ...
TDS Chemical Corp., Limited, is a leading chemicals company in China, specialized in gasoline Octane booster, Octane enhancers, Cetane booster, Gasoline antiknock additive, Gasoline performance additive, Diesel cetane improver, Gasoline additive, Gasoline fuel additives, Antiknock, Antiknock-819 ...
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